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In simple terms this is another To Do list app, but with some extra features.

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Lists Features
  • Multiple List Support
  • Lists can have sub-lists and sub-lists can have sub-lists
  • Easily add new sub-lists
  • Jump to any list or sub-list by tapping the top title bar
  • You can backup and restore your lists using the backup to email feature
  • Choose from over 100 different list icons to represent your lists
  • Sorting/grouping options available within each list, which is saved for each list.
Items and Tasks
  • 7 day undelete/recover period
  • Easily move items from one list to another
  • Email lists or a single task
  • Tapping an item in a list will allow for setting the priority, progress and due date if it has one.
  • Items with due dates are referred to as tasks, and everything else is an item
  • Set a quantity/# of occurrences
  • Abililty to specify due dates while adding new items using parenthesis. ex: Pickup new Tablet X (1/27/2010 5:30 PM) Creates a task, "Pickup new Tablet X" w/ due date of 1/27/2010 @ 5:30 PM
Search View
  • Search view that allows you to view all of items and tasks.
  • Filter the search view to a single list and all of it's sub-lists
  • Slide you finger across an item to jump to that list
  • Email all tasks that are due
  • Email all tasks that have a due date
Emailing your lists
  • Email the list and all of it's sub-lists
  • Two layout options
  • Select the fields you want to include
  • Ability to include a CSV file export (Comma Separated Value)
Other Features
  • Color Themes (set in the settings area of the app)
  • Settings for font size, auto-hide input field, sound effects
  • Notes feature allows you type up notes and turn it into a list or a sub-list of a special list called Note Taker. See the Notes button the first screen.
  • Round To It Tips, friendly little tips to help expose some of the lesser used/known features of round to it.
  • New features and enhancements all the time

Round To It Import Link Generator (create lists from Import)

Round To It Help (same as in the app)

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